TIME Internet is all the rage right now ever since it’s inception in Malaysia. TIME is breaking all the norms of the monopoly of the home broadband industry and it has changed the broadband landscape in Malaysia for good!

So what’s so awesome about TIME Internet anyways?

Well first off…

TIME High Speed Internet – Starting From Only RM99!

TIME Internet’s slowest plan is 100MBPS and the fastest home broadband plan goes all the way up to 1GBPS!

It’s 100% fiber-internet, featuring a blazing fast speed Internet connection in Malaysia. TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ is without a doubt the best home broadband service in the nation.

FREE to Start!

It’s free to sign up for the first month. You’ve never seen speed like this before. Upon installation, we even provide you a free dual-band WiFi router – absolutely free. You will be absolutely blown away! If you’re keen then apply for Time Internet today.


Is TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ Necessary For Malaysians?

Do you think TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ is a luxury or must-have item? In Malaysia, for me it’s a real necessity. We all need a good high-speed Internet connection to complete our day-to-day tasks and for our work, and especially for business transactions.

Fiber-optic cable is the best and soundest solution for Internet. It has the greatest bandwidth of any other cable because it uses the properties of light to transmit more data instead of using electrons. Light in our fibre cables can be used to transmit data with higher efficiency.

TIME Fibre Home Broadband™

Fibre broadband is a critical technology in Malaysia. With fibre broadband such as TIME Internet, data does not just travel faster. It is also cheaper than dial-up and much easier to access. The greatest advantage of broadband is that it allows people to do multiple activities from home without the hassle of switching computers and connecting cables.

Plans & Prices

TIME Internet and our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ services offer several ways to pay. The basic plans include everything. For those who want special features such as media streaming, video and high-speed Internet, additional service providers are available. Calls and voice over IP services are included too. All plans come with a 12 months or 24 months contract.

Having extra security is also a great idea, so customers can opt for packages that include calls, voice provider, and other services. Some companies offer discounts for bundling services with their Internet and telephony plans.

Time Fibre Broadband

Blazing High Speed Personal Home Connections

If you’re interested in increasing your bandwidth and securing your privacy, you may want to look into a high-speed connection. Using our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ means that data is being transmitted at a greater speed than the speed of light. This allows you to download large files or upload large amounts of data to your computer or other Internet-connected device.

A high-speed connection from TIME is a great investment for anyone who wants to do more than surf the web. It lets you download, store, or broadcast your files in the blink of an eye. If you’re using your computer to do lots of document editing, working with your photos and more – this definitely speeds up your work time.

Low Prices, Great Service

Our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ provides great service at a low price. You can take your entire family with you when you go away to your relative’s house. To get broadband Internet, just call your local telephone company and see what’s available in your area.

With the advent of broadband technology of our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™, and the mass adoption of the TIME Internet in the past few years, the availability of high-speed internet for many households has increased dramatically. From basic broadband service to ultra high-speed service. Many service providers will be offering broadband services in Malaysia. Providers in this market are competing with TIME to offer the best of their services to consumers.

The providers that offer the high-speed service can also provide customers with a free trial, service upgrades and more to guarantee a faster service and more features. To ensure that customers stay with TIME, some providers will upgrade plans, services, and prices to keep existing customers happy.

High-Speed Broadband by TIME Internet

The emergence of high-speed internet by TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ has become one of the most revolutionary aspects of our modern society in Malaysia. It has brought innumerable benefits to our Malaysian individuals, families, and communities around the world. However, while using the internet can provide us with much-needed information, it can also have a detrimental effect if not used properly.

In order to use our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ in the proper way and not harm your connection, you can take a few pointers on how to use TIME internet in the proper way. High speed internet at home can be very new for some people and you’ll be happy with your decision! For example, torrent downloading speeds can go up to 20MBPS! That’s awesome for Malaysians.

TIME Internet’s Coverage

Depending on location, our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ might not be covered in your area. You might find that our TIME Fibre Home Broadband™ isn’t covered in your area yet. For example, many smaller cities and rural areas in Malaysia doesn’t have TIME coverage yet, but don’t worry. If you live in a more populous city in Malaysia, most likely TIME has you covered!

TIME Internet has a wide range of services that allow you to browse the web. TIME broadband is always a great option for individuals who do not have a lot of TIME to spare while they are at work or those who need to be online all day long.

With a TIME broadband plan you will get unlimited high-speed internet access. Because this service is digital you will never have problems with your connection as long as you maintain an average connection. With high-speed Internet you can watch high-definition videos, watch satellite TV channels, check email, or surf the internet on your computer.

TIME broadband provides its customers with flexible plans. You can choose from one of the options that are offered, such as personal unlimited Internet access, family-unlimited access, business unlimited access, and tiered unlimited internet access.

TIME broadband will make sure that you have a lot of speed so that you can download your data fast and keep up with everything you need to accomplish. With a plan you will never run out of TIME again.

With a TIME broadband plan you do not have to worry about the cost of Internet service because it is included in your plan. This will save you money.

The connection that you get with a TIME broadband service is blazing fast! TIME broadband is fast enough to enable you to be online when you want to be online, anytime you want to be online.

TIME can help you get a fibre home broadband plan. A fibre broadband internet plan will enable you to get connected easily when you need to be online.

If you want to surf the web, watch movies, and listen to music, you’ll have plenty of TIME. When you want to be online you can go on TIME internet and do almost anything you want to do on the internet.